Meeting Time

Meeting Time

Back to Nature

Meeting time: 6:00 PM
An ongoing group of men dedicated to strengthening our relationship with God and building relationships with other men of Christ.

Intentional Men

Meeting time: 7:00 PM
We are a group of imperfect men who have a desire to grow in Christ through fellowship, accountability and confidentiality. Through Him, we strive to be better husband and fathers.

NPM Action & Adventure Group

Meeting time: 6:00 PM
Action: Hands and feet of Christ to members & NP approved ministry partners in need of minor repairs, moving, lawn or other help. Adventure: Outdoor & other group elected activities.

Kingdom Men Rising

Meeting time: 5:00 PM
Our culture is confused about what it means to be a man. This study speaks truth into a poorly defined and disoriented culture about the purpose and future of masculinity from a biblical perspective.
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